Back to the Garden

It’s been two years since I completed the final art grant and posted Paints in the Parks’ last event. In that time eye surgeries, complications from those procedures, and the pandemic shut down my interactions with the public and my plein air painting. But not my creative spirit.

What follows is a brief overview of the small, fanciful and infinitely rewarding art projects that have enriched the creative spark that would not die despite days in bed, foggy vision, scarce resources and my daily anxiety caused by an uncertain future.

In 2022 I’m looking forward to new projects with garden art, including an old set of windows that I can’t wait to paint, outdoor mandalas, art journaling and some landscape design. I’ll take you along with me, and hope that my adventures (or misadventures) give you a few ideas inspired by nature. Until next month, happy creating!


4 thoughts on “Back to the Garden

  1. I can’t wait! All of this looks so good; I really don’t know how you found the mental stamina to be creative with all you’ve been through, but apparently the artist in you was not going away. GOOD.

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  2. So glad you seemingly have turned the corner, and can get back to what you love. That primrose creation is stunning! That would be a fun workshop! Stay safe and warm, as we Hoosiers have our first big winter storm of the season. 12″ or so forecast here; you’re to get far less.

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