Winter in April


The final day in April saw my first foray into painting in public along downtown Indianapolis’ Canal Walk.  In defiance of a cold spring drizzle that eventually became a steady dampening, I set up my easel underneath a modest overhang and went to work with a few other brave artistic souls.

From my attire you would never guess that May was a day away: several layers of clothing topped by a rain jacket, winter knit hat, waterproof shoes, and handy fingerless mitts, accesorized by an essential thermos full of hot tea. Nevertheless, after three hours I still lost feeling in my fingers while wrestling with thickening paint and stiffening paint brushes. Time to go home.

So far I’m pleased with the way my painting equipment works, and look forward to using a new shade umbrella if the sun ever shines again. As for the effectiveness of my sign, quite a few event participants asked me why I paint.

If you want to know the answer, you’ll have to come see me at my next event at Clifty Falls State Park in May.


4 thoughts on “Winter in April

    • I’m glad I made the sign, Maggie. The best part for me is the interaction when I’m out in public. Takes the pressure off my painting skills. Thanks for visiting and commenting.


  1. What an awesome, inspiring start to my day! As one who experienced yesterday here first-hand, I can only say that I stand in jaw-dropped wonder before anyone who braved that relentless, miserable cold rain. I love your sign. Matter of fact, I love the whole look. What a statement of resolve and merriment. Thank you for starting May right!


    • Couldn’t have done it without my family’s support. They were the brave ones since they couldn’t even paint to keep warm. I’m glad I went despite the weather and my head cold.


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